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Doctor & Hospital List of Providers

I need to go to a specific doctor or hospital if I need medical attention?

Person insured under the VISIT International Health Insurance Plans may choose to be treated within or outside of the provider Network (PPO). You are not required to go to the PPO Network of doctors to obtain coverage. The Claims office will pay any provider and/or can reimburse you directly for any covered benefit. The PPO network consists of hospitals, doctors and other health care providers organized for the purpose of delivering quality health care at affordable rates.

Using a network health care provider will save you money by getting negotiated rates for service instead of full rates. It also provides a better channel of communication between your insurance company and the service provider for authorization of coverage and claims processing. Make sure to carry your medical insurance card on you at all times.

VISIT (E Plus, Lite, VITAL Economy, Standard, Super & Platinum) ID Number begins with ATR:

To obtain a list of Providers in your area (Doctors, Urgent Care, ER, Hospitals and Labs), go to: Viagra online money order

Immediate Assistance: 1-800-690-6295 (Toll-free)

Assist must be contacted:
  • As soon as non-emergency hospitalization is recommended.
  • Within 48 hours of the first working day following an emergency admission.
  • When your physician recommends any surgery including outpatient.
  • For emergency evacuation, repatriation, and assistance services.

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