NGO+International Worldwide Medical Insurance from VISIT® International Health

GROUP & Individual Health Insurance for:

  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's)
  • Humanitarian & Global Development
  • Students, Scholars & Families
  • Visiting Faculty & Teachers
  • J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Programs
  • Vacation/Holiday & Business Travel
  • ANY Travel Outside Home Country


Worldwide Medical Insurance
from VISIT® International Health

Worldwide Medical Insurance for
International Volunteers & Social Good Workers

& ALL Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s)

 Understanding Your Market.  Exceeding Your Expectations!

At VISIT® International Health, we understand the intricacies of worldwide health care delivery, and we are especially sensitive to the needs of those in the humanitarian and global development community.  VISIT® Health provides specialized products and services exclusive to the international aid community.  We provide quality, dependable medical insurance programs to Non-Governmental Organizations and other Humanitarian Organizations.

NGO+International health plan was designed to provide medical insurance to humanitarian and global development focused Non-Governmental Organizations while outside their country of residence.  Annual and/or short-term Group and Individual coverage is available.

We recognize that stable premiums are important within the global development community, so that more of your budget remains available for your mission.  Our attention to premium stability begins with our unique plan design.  NGO+International offers a wide range of worldwide benefits that follow global development professionals wherever they go.  At the same time, it is designed to encourage them to receive medical care overseas when feasible, where the cost of medical care is comparatively less expensive than in the USA.  Combined with other leading services like the Medical Travel Management program, NGO+International benefits and services are positioned to help you and your members take more control of your health care costs, which promotes greater premium stability.

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NGO+International Plan Summary

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