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Doctor & Hospital List of Providers

I need to go to a specific doctor or hospital if I need medical attention?

Person insured under the VISIT International Health Insurance Plans may choose to be treated within or outside of the provider Network (PPO). You are not required to go to the PPO Network of doctors to obtain coverage.  The Claims office will pay any provider and/or can reimburse you directly for any covered benefit.  The PPO network consists of hospitals, doctors and other health care providers organized for the purpose of delivering quality health care at affordable rates.

Using a network health care provider will save you money by getting negotiated rates for service instead of full rates. It also provides a better channel of communication between your insurance company and the service provider for authorization of coverage and claims processing. Make sure to carry your medical insurance card on you at all times.

VISIT (E Plus, Lite, VITAL Economy, Standard, Super & Platinum) ID Number begins with ATR:

To obtain a list of Providers in your area (Doctors, Urgent Care, ER, Hospitals and Labs), go to:

Immediate Assistance: 1-800-690-6295 (Toll-free)

Assist must be contacted:
  • As soon as non-emergency hospitalization is recommended.
  • Within 48 hours of the first working day following an emergency admission.
  • When your physician recommends any surgery including outpatient.
  • For emergency evacuation, repatriation, and assistance services.
For a Medical Emergency | 24 hours a day / 7 days a week - 1-800-690-6295
To Submit a Claim:
Seven Corners, Inc.
303 Congressional Boulevard
Carmel, IN 46032
Phone: 1-800-690-6295
Fax: 317-575-2256
Questions on your Claim:
IMG - Student Health Advantage & Patriot Plans

PPO Network Search -U.S. Only, In-network discount may apply. Refer to your ID card for appropriate network.

To search for a medical care provider within the independent Preferred Provider Organization network, simply click the logo on the right that corresponds to the one found on your ID card. The PPO directory is updated on a routine basis, however, changes may be made between updates. To ensure that the physician you have selected is in the network, please contact the physician's office to confirm his/her participation. You may also be eligible for a discount on your deductible and coinsurance if you use the PPO network.

To get the best results from your search, please enter as many criteria as possible. The more fields that have entries the narrower your answer will be. If you cannot find a Provider in your city or county, please contact IMG's Customer Service Department via our contact form here.   

Coventry National Network logo
Search PPO

Search PPO
HCCMIS - Atlas and StudentSecure Plans
HCCMIS maintains relationships with hospitals and doctors throughout the world. Many of your provider selection decisions will be based on geographical location and provider specialties. Within the US, selecting a provider from one of the networks listed below may reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. You may search for participating providers by clicking on the appropriate domestic or international link below.

Coventry National Network logo

Domestic Provider Network

Coventry National Network is a strong, stable, and broad network covering all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. Over 98% of the U.S. has access to a network provider and the network is particularly strong in suburban and rural areas. The network is highly credentialed, using NCQA and URAC accreditation principles and applicable state-specific standards, and is recredentialed every three years. To search for providers participating in our domestic network, please visit our U.S. Doctor Search Engine.

Equian International Provider Network logo

International Network

Equian International provides the same exceptional level of service to you while you travel or work abroad. Your emergency or routine health care needs will be met by our extensive panel of hospitals, clinics, laboratories and doctors.  Use our online directory at our International Provider Search Engine to locate a provider close to you in any of the over 130 countries and territories worldwide.

Medical Evacuation

HCC Medical Insurance Services arranges for medically necessary evacuations through various service providers throughout the world. Call (800) 605-2282 within the US, or call collect from outside the US at 317-262-2132 and indicate that you have a medical emergency.


Cancellation Policy
All premiums are fully earned upon Application, and are Non-Refundable. Please apply only for the term of coverage you need, and re-apply as necessary as your plans may change.


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