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VISIT Incoming Travel & Medical Insurance offers you the following BENEFITS:

Extensive coverage during your entire stay in the USA
Long Term coverage options
Competitive premiums
Special premium for maternity benefits.
Easy Insurance extension
A 24 hour assistance telephone number for medical emergencies ready to give help and advice

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Outgoing from the USA Premium Schedule
(Rates are in US Dollars. Rates are Per Person)

Please review the Plans carefully!
Coverage and Plan options have been revised.

After the Deductible, this Benefit will cover 80% of the first $5000 of covered medical expenses incurred. Excess of $5000, the policy will pay 100% up to the maximum stated below.

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2007-2008 Plan Rates!

Standard Plan No Maternity
Standard Plan with Maternity

Super Plan No Maternity
Super Plan with Maternity
$100 Annual Deductible Plan
No Maternity
$47.50 $54.00 $59.25 $74.00 N/A
15-31 days $79.75 $92.00 $93.75 $119.00 N/A
$228.50 $264.00 $269.25 $343.00 $246.75
$451.25 $524.00 $533.25 $680.00 $487.25
12 Months $903.50 $1,047.00 $1,066.25 $1,361.00 $975.75

Maximum policy term is 12 months, but you may re-enroll for successive terms, as desired. Applicant must meet application criteria and all conditions and pre-existing exclusions apply.

Cancellation Policy

All premiums are fully earned upon Application, and are Non-Refundable. Please apply only for the term of coverage you need, and re-apply as necessary as your plans may change.

These rates are for persons traveling abroad and their family members traveling with them, 69 years of age and younger. Additional coverage is available for persons 70-80 years of age. Please call 1-800-247-5575 for premium rates or Click Here for additional program options.

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